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Application of CNC Tube Bender in Aviation Pipe Manufacturing


After the installation and commissioning of the CNC pipe bending machine, the application research was carried out. First, the bending of a certain type of aircraft duct is taken as the research object. Initially, basic data acquisition was performed on the existing standard sample of the catheter using a pipe measuring machine, and then the data was transmitted to a numerical control bender for bending. However, most of the copied catheters were unqualified, which was mainly caused by the irregular bending radius of the catheter. In the case that the original conduit can not be used, it is decided to carry out the standard sample re-taking and specification of the conduit parts of the CNC tube bender used on the aircraft, and according to the CNC pipe bending machine and the matching bending die The situation, as well as the spatial orientation of the conduit, is categorized according to the material specifications and bending radii of the conduit, and the production of the CNC tube bender on the elbow of the figure number is determined. After the re-bending of the prototype of the model is completed, the basic data of the duct forming stored in the bender is mass-produced, and the produced conduit space is qualified and the quality is very good. On this basis, the new pipe parts of other various modified machines and the need to re-make the actual sample pipe parts can be produced by CNC tube bending machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency.